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How To Get NFL Sunday Ticket Student Discount

Are you a college student who loves watching NFL games? If so, you might be wondering if there’s a way for you to get a discount on the NFL Sunday Ticket service. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you stream every out-of-market game live on your devices, ensuring you don’t miss any action. In this article, we’ll explore the NFL Sunday Ticket student discount details, including pricing, eligibility, and how to subscribe. 

How much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost for Students?

In the past, NFL Sunday Ticket TV U offered a special deal for students who wanted to watch NFL games at a lower cost. However, this deal was only available when DirecTV provided the service. Since YouTube now has the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, the availability and pricing for student discounts have changed.

Currently, YouTube TV, the platform through which NFL Sunday Ticket is offered, does not provide student discounts. This means that students will have to pay the full price for the subscription, which is $29.99 per month for eligible students attending two or four-year universities. This adds up to $120 for the entire four-month NFL season.

While there may be a possibility of student discounts becoming available closer to the start of the NFL season, no details have been released at this time. Students should be prepared to pay the full amount unless a special discount is announced in the coming weeks.

How much is the NFL Sunday Ticket 2023?

Starting from the 2023 NFL season, NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusively offered by YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. The cost of existing YouTube TV subscribers is $249 for the season if they have the Base Plan. This is a $100 discount from the regular price of $349 for the season.

A bundle option is available, including NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone. This bundle is priced at $289 for the season during the presale period, another $100 discount from the standard price of $389. It’s important to note that these promotional prices are available until June 6.

With an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription on YouTube TV, you can enjoy every out-of-market Sunday football game and the local and national coverage on CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC, and the NFL Network. This includes access to over 100 channels, ensuring you never miss a moment of the NFL action.

Can you get an NFL Sunday Ticket without YouTube TV?

If you’re not a subscriber of YouTube TV, you can still access NFL Sunday Ticket, but at a higher cost. The standalone seasonal Sunday Ticket subscription costs $449, or $489 if you include RedZone. These prices are available through YouTube Primetime Channels. However, if you purchase the package before June 6, you can enjoy a $100 discount.

While YouTube TV offers a more affordable option for accessing NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s good to know that alternatives are available if you prefer not to subscribe to YouTube TV.

How to Subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket?

Subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket depends on whether you’re an existing YouTube TV subscriber. If you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber, you can add NFL Sunday Ticket to your plan by visiting your account settings and looking for the Membership section. From there, you can choose the add-on options and follow the prompts to add NFL Sunday Ticket to your subscription.

For new users who want to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV, visit and select the plan that best suits your needs. Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV allows you to watch NFL games simultaneously on up to two compatible screens. You can share your subscription with another member, providing additional value.

If you’re not a YouTube TV subscriber, you can still sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket by visiting YouTube on your web browser. Look for the “Primetime channels” row under Movies & TV on the left-hand sidebar, select NFL Sunday Ticket, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase. Please note that you may need your mobile device to complete the transaction.

Remember that your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription will auto-renew for the next season unless you choose to cancel it. If you decide not to renew, note the current season’s end date and cancel before the new season begins to avoid any unwanted charges.

On which devices can you access NFL Sunday Ticket 2023?

One of the advantages of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV is its compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re in your dorm or have cut the cord, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on various devices, including Android and iOS phones, tablets, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, smart TVs, and web browsers. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

NFL Sunday Ticket Student Deal

Currently, YouTube TV does not offer student discounts for NFL Sunday Ticket. The previous student discount offered by DirecTV is no longer available. However, YouTube may introduce student plans for NFL Sunday Ticket this season, as they have announced plans to release pricing details within the coming week. Students should keep an eye out for any updates regarding student discounts.

For the 2023 NFL season, existing YouTube TV subscribers can enjoy discounted prices, with the Base Plan subscription costing $249. A bundle option is also available for $289, including NFL RedZone. These promotional prices are available until June 6.

If you’re not a YouTube TV subscriber, you can still access NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube Primetime Channels at a higher cost. The standalone seasonal subscription is priced at $449, or $489, with RedZone included. However, if you purchase the package before June 6, you can enjoy a $100 discount.

Check the eligibility requirements for NFL Sunday Ticket for students, as you will need a valid school email address from an approved institution. Offers a convenient way for students to enjoy NFL games, whether on campus or away from home.

Remember to take advantage of the wide range of devices that support NFL Sunday Ticket, ensuring you can enjoy the games on your preferred screen.

While student discounts for NFL Sunday Ticket are currently unavailable on YouTube TV, it’s always a good idea to stay updated on any changes or promotions that may be announced in the future. Look for pricing details and any offers specifically tailored to college students.

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